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im a teen distortion. survived abortion [entries|friends|calendar]

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[10 Jun 2006|09:32am]
im in love with someone who hates me..

[08 Jun 2006|09:05pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

well i feel so fucking gross
its getting really bad and no one believes me
everyone thinks im just saying it to get attention
but im really.
fuck u i dont care waht u think
im so upset.
i feel so ugly all the time and no one cares
and when i look in the mirror i see someone totally different then what other ppl say.
and i want to feel pretty and hot and sexy and all that stuff.
i just hate my self sumtimes and i wish i didnt.

duno. [02 Jun 2006|05:45pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

its gross outside.
im tired.
and stuffed.
and hmm i dunoo
at least my eyebrows look pretty
i got them done today
i havent written in this thing in a while

hows life?
hmm well its alright.
great boyfriend
great friends
lost some friends..i think ..i dont know
i wish this summer would be like the past 2 summers
but i know its not going to be
i just know
its fine
no its not.
ill deal

nikki and becky are graduating today
im happy for them
i guess it hasnt really hit me that im not guna see them everyday anymore. but i guess its different becuz i havent really seen them that much lately. but its still hard. beckys leaving. nikkis staying but she'll have college stuff and college friends. blah i wish i was graduating too. i feel left out. blah well congradulations to them <3
and maddie whose graduating soon too.

i love my boyfriend. his birthdya is coming up soon. alex is going to be 20. thats hot. hes beautiful..

ok i really have nothing more to say. i think im guna call jacki to see waht shes doing tonight. jackis great. me and her are tight now which is awesome becuz she is the shiet. and i love her.

ight kneegrows. payce

shieeet [13 Feb 2006|08:53pm]
yeaaa. i havent written in this shit for like a year. but i thought it was time to ..whatever.

sooooo. whats going on.. chillllun. haha. um so everyone is gay. pretty much. except for a selected few.

nikki isnt coming with me to brazil. which is really gay. but whatever nothing i can do. she'll be happy here..with george. i guess wahtever

i havent really chilled with becky much. which upsets me. i miss u becky.

madison comes to ny and doesnt call. so i havent seen her. i miss u maddies

park slope. havnet been ther in a while. well i ugess i have for school. but thats really it

im going to brazil on friday

i really love amanda. i think shes awesome. and im proud to announce her as one of my new bffls. lmao. <3 - as well as candace and ashley

skye and wacko jacko are same. still love them to death. me and jacki got closer this year which i love. i love me sum jacki. skye i love you

i just love everyone dont i

alexx. whooaaa. i dun even know. hes special. i like him a lot. like a lot a lot. which scares me at times because i really want it to work. i want this to last a while. i havent been in a relationship where ive been treated like...perfectly in a really long time. he is perfect. for me at least. he is an amazing person and i loveee being around him. i wasnt really sure at first. i thought he was a tad mayb too nice for me. but ive come to realize that ..thats probably what i need. not to date another asshole. lol. even tho. i guess wer not that close i feel like i have a connection with him. whatever mayb im gay. iss ok. lol. we havent had sex yet. ..ye. hes gorgeous in everyway possible

i got my nails done today. w/ nikki#2 and alex. nikki#2 is awesome. she lent me 2 of her bikinis wwhich are cute times 7. and she has gorgeous hair and im really jealous. thought id let everyone knoe that

umm ...what else. im leaving for brazil on friday. im excited im guna get my little whtie ass black..well my ass isnt so little. ok im done

peace bitches

[15 Nov 2005|08:02pm]
[ mood | blah ]

i feel like shit. everything hurts. and it sucks. dennis said he was guna come and bring me food cuz no ones home and i like feel too weak to go downstairs..but hes probably not guna come. fucker. i dont understand why hes a dick to me sumtimes..i feel like he doesnt give a shit about me somtimes. but then sometimes i feel like he does. i duno ..weird shit.

im doing really good in school right now..except for chemistry ..but im getting a tutor. im really proud of myself.

i really wanan get my hair done b4 i kill sumone. bllahhhh

i had a dream b4 that nikki went to arizona for college and i woke up and started to cry. i duno what im guna do when she leaves. especially lately ..she comse over like all the time..sleeps over. shes like a sister to me. i like look up to her and shes the most beautiful person i know. ugh even though i know if she goes away she'll come and visit..its not going to be the same. ugh im guna cry again. nikki i love youuu soo much <33

yo it sounds like im dating the bitch. hahaha good shit

dennis is here..hahaha yesss food time

gay [16 Oct 2005|02:42pm]
[ mood | weird ]

blah. so im bored. nikki shud be getting here soon. last night was the gayest fuckin night ive had like this month. on a fuckin saturday night i did like..absolutley nothing becuase people hate me. its cool. thank god for like vinny and dennis. on a better note. nikkis guna b sleepin at mi casa for a few nights which is beautiful. we'll have quality time to make sqaush taco pasta. mmmmmmm. hmm. what else. me and he who must not be named. dennis. are gay together which is splendid. and me and dick simmons are dating. that is all

[18 Sep 2005|10:25pm]

do i look like a chuck to you?

a chuck?...

HEYA CHUCK! :weird face: i died on the cross for you and what not


remind me..uh never to do that again.

AHAHAHAHHAHAHAH that goes out to becky. fun night. watched helter skelter with beck and samson. then went to ozzies and me and beck had a dance party. lol. anddddddddd yesterday we got locked out of her house and had to hang out with a bunch of 15 year olds half naked. it was fun. beckishy i love you. and our new name isssssssss BECKLEE ..thats hot ::brush off yo sholder::

[06 Sep 2005|10:56am]

just wanted to take the time out to wish the hottest greek peesh in the world a happy birfday...

my bestest friend..my cousin..my ass massager (sp?) ..my gardener..my english muffin maker with creamy country crock..my samuari friend..my zoro friend..my apple pie..my trent lover..my marilyn lovers best friend (get it..ha!) at last but not least my nikkels


happy birthday sunshine. have fun being legal..but i dont wanna see any 50 year old men..unless ther like johnny depp status ..yea whatever. i love you more than anything boob. u better be alowed out tonight. hopefully one day ill be able to shove cellary up your a-hole.



[22 Aug 2005|11:37pm]
goood day..chilled with denshit. then went to the slope..chilled with my two favorite guysssssssss dennis and charlie..watched signs.mwahahahhahah played a hot game of sharades (sp?) drank a bit at tea leaf . fun fun. beckys sick..ho. lol feel better peepee<3

[18 Aug 2005|11:59pm]
boys are gay

becky is hot. i love her

nikki is my shinning star

carlito rocks the clock

dennis is a queer. but i still love him.

[09 Aug 2005|11:11pm]
gay ghey gey


geeeeeeeeeeee ayyyyyyyyyych whyyyyyyyyyyyy

[07 Aug 2005|06:50pm]
rest in peace denmark. ill miss you a lot. <3

[28 Jul 2005|04:53pm]
ahh very tire..my last day in barcelona. im leaving 2moro morning for st. kittes. well really san juan..then st. kittes. i bought kailey a che guevara shirt. i duno lol i like it. hahaha. anyways im mad tired. i went to this gaudi (sp?) museum which was cool..and i went to the hard rock cafe which was hot. lots of marilyn manson shit. the old part of barcelona is really cute. and the guys are fuckin amazing. as usual. i feel bad cuz i know kate would of loved it here. blah..anyways..home in about 3-4 days..hotness.

lalalalalalla [27 Jul 2005|11:30am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

blah. im in barcelona..just got here like an hour and a half ago. im at my hotel..and hour ¨apartments¨ arent ready. what gay shits. i have gotten like 2 hrs of sleep and kate just left =[ im guna miss talking for hours and hours at night and all our stupid jokes and retarted ideas. whatever ill be home in like 4 or 5 days. its like 11:30 here..in brooklyn its like 5:30 in the morning. blah thats gay. i had so much fun in mallorca. it was so relaxing. now im so fuckin tired ..i told kate i wanted to burn a little kid park down AHAHAHAH. yea gay. we watched some cool movies on the sky box. likeeeee grave secrets..and abortion lady..and sum oldh orror movies..im just blabbing right now cuz im tired and i want to sleep but i cant cuz these barcelonians wont give me my room. maybe ill see tomas..mmmmmmmmm what a sexy spaniard..but then again everyone here is gorgeous..like too hot. its like scary. very very scary. ahh i got these new pants and there so pretty. blah ..im black. im so tired..mayb ill write mroe in like an hour when my room still wont be done........

[21 Jul 2005|04:55pm]
i am in españa right now. at the eurotel on the internet and kate is right across from me. ahahhaha. im having mad fun. im like black as a henry dipped in black..sauce? hahaha. so far its been very relaxing here. i havent had to worry about anything except like..getting burnt. i love it here. me and kate just relax and lounge and eat and swim and tan ..and see the hottest guys ever. i swear america has nothing on the guys here. they are gorgeous. mmm. we have had a few stalkers though..the best was the guy in the car saying GUAPASSSS. which means pretty.? i think i duno..spanish food is amazing and the water is too. even though im sumwhat scared tog o in it. tomorrow kate and i are going to a club in cala major. hopefully ther will be hottays.

i miss kailey a lot tho. i miss talking to him on the phone before igo to sleep or just having him around..but i think this is good for us..it will make me appriate him more. i love you baby!

btw HAPPY BIRTHDAY BECKY. i love you sweetie and your going to love our present to you. <3

i think nikki is mad at me for some reason ..but i have no idea. if you are nikki im sorry if i did anything wrong

skye boo if u see this i love you more then i love dumplings your the hottest bitch ever and i miss your hot ass!

spain is hot and kate is hotter. we have become so close in the past few months and im so happy about it. i love her and i love freddie the cat.. and i love smoking ANYWHERE YOU WANT mwahhahahahahahaç

ok peeps email me cuz theres sumthing wrong with my thingy and u cant comment



hottness [12 Jul 2005|07:28pm]
today was madd fun. went to coney island with becky, nikki, dennis. nikki's ex chris came..hes cool.. and carlito came for the last like 20 min..then left to jasmins house. blahhh i miss him. i miss kate too. come back baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! me and kailey are doing good good. which makes me very happy. im leaving for spain on friday. im guna miss everyone. except for kate..cuz she'll be w/ me <333333333 my hottie. im glad that me and nikki have been hanging out again..i missed her<3 . im at beckys now. shes doing her chemistry hw. shes feeling happy. lalalalallal anyway im out .. mwa wma mwa

gayness [27 Jun 2005|09:39pm]
[ mood | blah ]

yes i havent written in awhile..but i am only writing becuase kate wanted me to. lol. well the past days have been okay i guess. i had fun with kate becky and carlitOoo. me and becky ran around in the rain..gettin soaked..actualyl we ran for about 40 seconds..then got too tired so we walked around the block instead. then we danced around in the rain. it was fun. of course seeing beckys nipples is always a plus. then just chilled with kate and becky and carlito and HUNAN DEILIGHT! or hoewever u spell it...i love saying that. it was fun..we talked abuot sum random shit..then headed to the Tea Leaf. fun fun..then saw george there and he walked me to the train becuase me boyfriend is obviously incapable of doing that.

im leaving for upstate on thursday to visit my aunt for a few days. then ill be back for about a week. then im going to spain with kate!!! its guna b awesome! and i dont have to go to summer school which is fuckin great too. im really happy.

anyway..wut else..blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh me and kate have been getting a lot closer which makes me really happy. we've gone through so much shit together ..bad and good times..its awesome

junior and skye better make me sum puerto rican babies or else im smacking skye..u heard me bitch. <3

hollurR <3 [14 Jun 2005|05:08pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

today was fun. last day of classes. after school me skye jacki and ashley went to my house to study. we ended up tanning on my roof drinking beers and smoking cigarettes. it was hot hot fun. skye is the hottest bitch evaa<33

im getting my hair done 2moro japenese straightning. im guna look fly. not ..lol

i love kailey<3

shizzee [23 May 2005|10:12pm]
[ mood | blah ]

ok so today was eventfull. me and skye fought with kara. it was fun. skye u my boo<3 we are the best tag team. lol. no one can stop our latina heat. oo papi.

so im kind of confused about kailey. arent i always.

hm..what else is there to say. i dont know. i guess i have a pretty boring life huh ? whatever i dont care

blah [21 May 2005|07:50pm]
[ mood | - from all the sex..heh ]

its raining now..and it sounds so pretty. ive had a relaxing day so far. i slept at kaileys last night which was amazing. we had so much fun. i really love that kid. he makes me so happy, and i dont care if people thing that he is bad. but the people who i care about the most dont have a problem with it, so whatever. so yea i slept at kaileys new apt. which is really nice.

this morning we got a call at 8 from nikki saying that beckys mom called maddie. meaning she got caught. which really sucks cuz i saw her yesterday and she didnt seem to be having much fun. she looked tired. im sorry baby<3 dont worry youll be out of ur house soon. i hope =]

so today when i got home. i took a nice nap. then i did some homework. then i took a bath in my jacuzzi mmmm =] then i sat out on my terris and listened to music and smoked cigarettes and had a beer. it was hot

now im waiting for kate to get here so we can watch movies..becuz i dont feel up to going out. blah ..kates my hoe fo sho. ..yah

by the way..me and kara arent talking anymore. wonder why

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